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I'd like to say I'll post here soon, but I'll probably forget. I forget everything lately in an attempt to remember the most important stuff: my father-in-law's health problems, my friend's health problems (and his taking back most of what he was going to leave me on his passing, so he could leave it to his nephew because his nephew doesn't have as many marketable skills/education as me and Amy), my work, my marriage, my son's (Xander) health problems, my daughter's need for attention, the new dog, the aging cats' health issues, the upkeep and cleaning and basic running of life, the dropping off of tons of stuff (mostly baby clothes) to Goodwill, and probably a dozen things I'm forgetting. I want to post, but I never think of it and never really have time. I've set up more time on facebook (as have most of you), but I want to come back here more often than I do. I'll try, but forgive me if I forget.