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Ah, life. So many things change, and I'm just overwhelmed with it all. But in this house, who isn't? The dog acts like nobody pays any attention to her, the cats are neglected at times (especially in the mornings), and Zoey is tired from school most of the time. She's done well with Xander so far, but the newness is starting to wear off.

Xander isn't sleeping at night really well yet, though he has some good nights. If we can get rid of the thrush, it'll help a lot, but sleep is a semi-precious commodity around here on most nights.

I picked up a new (reconditioned) HP Pavilion a few days ago, a great improvement over the system we had put together in '02 or so. Yeah, Mike, we were still using the one Jack put together, with only a graphics card upgrade along the way. Now we're almost modern. It's not super on gaming graphics, but I don't use my system to play games, so that doesn't bother me. That's what the Wii is for, and I don't have time to play it, either.

We also got new couches, finally, as the last ones were five years old and cheap from Big Lots, aka, broken down. The new ones are better quality and comfy.

Work continues on schedule for me, though Amy is planning on not really returning to her work. She is going to ask them to put her as a sort of on-call person so she can work as she wants. That means we transfer the insurance to me and hope we're making enough money to live on. As Amy points out, though, she can't take care of the kids AND go to nursing school (she returns in January) AND work. We'll just have to make do.

It's all in transition around here. We're doing fine, but we're all somewhere between stressed and freaked out. I can't remember anything small...I remember my appointments and when to be where and what is due to be done, but Amy can ask me to pull the gate shut as I leave, and I'll remember until I put the car in reverse to back out, and then my mind goes blank. I'm too busy and too confused to remember the small stuff, I think.

Xander is such a different child than his sister, though. He's so calm and laid back, while she's quite the "Type A" personality.

More soon, if I remember.