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Rule #1: Babies Cost A Lot

Life has been really hectic, and blogging hasn't been a priority. Work's been full-speed ahead, though things have worked out better than expected in some ways on that front. Of particular note from last Thursday was the school's carnival for the students. I volunteered for the dunk tank, as did more than enough others, so we had penny voting to see who would end up on the tank. I wasn't the big winner, but they took the top five, and I had a student or two who brought in Ziploc bags full of pennies, so I was chosen. I had a blast being the target, taunting everyone and occasionally hitting the water. Really, I'd do that again in a heartbeat.

My favorite comment Amy overheard was "He's not like that in class." No, I'm not. There's a difference between one's personal life and one's professional life. My favorite comment from Zoey was that she asked Amy if there would be sharks in the water.

Amy and I have both thought (individually) recently that she's done really well in this pregnancy in that she's not gotten sick, and now she's sick. She picked it up from work, and she feels terrible. She'll go to the doctor tomorrow, but until then, she feels awful.

Amy has had a really rough time with this pregnancy, though, all the way through. She commented on facebook that if Zoey had been this bad, we'd not have had a second child. I believe her...She's consistently felt bad this time, and at times (especially recent times), she's been miserable.

Baby Xander will be here soon. The due date is September 22, and the c-section date, in case she hasn't delivered, is the 28th. However, we're both thinking it'll be earlier than the 22nd. Her body's much farther along than it was with Zoey, so we're suspicious as to the odds.

Zoey starts preschool on Wednesday, and she meets her teacher tomorrow. Of course, I'll have to work, so it'll be hard for me to go with her the first day, but I'd like to.

Friend Dave from work helped me go to Babies R Us for the glider rocker this time. We got a great gliding chair this time, one of the expensive ones, on clearance, and we needed a full-size pick-up truck to get it, so Dave agreed to help. After we got it, Amy turned the box into a playhouse for Zoey, which she LOVED for a while, though now she's lost most of her interest in it. It was a blast for a couple of days.

We went yesterday for baby shopping. Since the due date is so close, and since Amy's work shower was less than thrilling, we had to buy a lot of stuff on our own. We spent close to $600 on baby supplies yesterday, and yes, I'm glad we kept everything from Zoey. There was so much we needed, from boppy covers to baby towels and washcloths to a nursing stool to...We had already bought baby car seats and the chair and such, so it wasn't a total amount due, but it was most of it. From here on in, at least for a while, Xander will mostly just cost us in diapers and clothes and the like, so the worst of the buying is over for now.

While we were buying yesterday, we got Zoey a new toy so she'd feel like it wasn't all for her brother (we're hoping to cut down on the jealousy thing), and she picked a Barbie play guitar that talks to her and plays different songs, most especially "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun." She really enjoys it. Last night, when she was in bed, Amy told her it was time to go to sleep, and Zoey whined/asked, "Can I rock out just one more time?"

We've tried some movies from the library lately, but nothing lately has been an exciting choice. I dunno, maybe we're just in a movie wasteland right now. Oh, we did finally see Watchmen, and it was brilliantly faithful to the comic, but neither of us were really satisfied with the ending. I don't know, it just didn't quite work for us. I loved how faithful it was, though.

Not much else to tell right now. I'll try to do better on this updating stuff.


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Aug. 31st, 2009 01:11 am (UTC)
I learned rule #1 from a Neil Gaiman comic of all things: "Death, The High Cost Of Living", where Sexton and Death in her mortal form run into a VERY pregnant Hazel, and she says "You know it costs SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS for all this baby crap? Six THOUSAND. Fox's mom is loaning us the money..."

I had a dreadful, awful, and nearly fatal for both of us first pregnancy ending in a two months premature emergency c-section. And Alex keeps asking when we're going to have another....

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