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In the news

Obama picked Biden for VP running mate. I have little opinion yet, as I've paid little attention to Biden. I'll get up to speed when I can. I only have until November, right? No real opinion on the election, except I'm thankful that Hillary is out. Obama gives a great speech, but I don't expect much else.

In other news, the Olympics are slowing down, and I've gotta say congrats to May-Treanor/Walsh for the second women's gold medal in a row in beach volleyball (I was watching the first one four years ago), and I was really impressed with Dalhausser/Rogers (especially Dalhausser in the final match) for taking men's gold in beach volleyball.

I'm still suspicious about the Chinese gymnasts taking the gold from Nastia Liukin, and I'm interested in seeing if the official investigation turns up that the Chinese were underage. Liukin and Johnson were amazing and underscored, and they did pick up some impressive wins, but I'm wondering if they didn't deserve more. If the Chinese girls were of age, then they won fairly, but I don't like that there's a question about it.

Usain Bolt is amazingly fast. Michael Phelps is amazingly fast. Too bad for the Chinese they can't judge down speed events. In comparison, those Chinese sure can dive, huh?