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Father, forgive me, for I have sinned. It has been five months since my last confession on here.

I have no idea...The big news is that I was laid off from my job of four years (with two more years with another branch of the company on top of that). No comments on the hows or whys or anything, just a statement that it wasn't performance related. I'm now applying for unemployment and looking for a new teaching or copy-editing gig. I even had an interview already. It'll work out.

Meanwhile, for those who wonder, Xander is doing wonderfully. He's finally gaining weight (22 pounds) and is still small for his age, but it's acceptably small and not worrisome to the doctors. He's full-force moving (still crawling) all over the house and getting into the no-nos faster than ever before. And he's such a boy, too.

So letter blocks from the living room and magnetic letters from the refrigerator end up in strange places throughout the house on a regular basis. He's finding the joy of toy cars and loves to roll a ball around. His favorite toy was from Amy's mom at Christmas: a circle track that spins. He puts the cars in it, but also his blocks and a rattle and, as of this morning, a heavy dog toy.

Zoey is on the border of reading country. She is reading quite a bit, but she's not all the way there yet. I think it'll be another few months at most. She's doing well in school and is considered a bit advanced in Kindergarten math and science and art. I think she's really well-rounded so far.

Amy's working her way through nursing school still, until March of 2012. She works all day on Saturdays (today) (24-hour shift), and I watch the kids. If the weather were warmer or nicer, we'd get out more on these days, but this winter has been white and cold, so we've mostly stayed in. But back to Amy...she's doing great in her classes (currently in psych nursing, next in cardio) and will make an awesome nurse.

I'm still waiting on the last of the paperwork to do taxes this year, and I've been doing a lot of wrap-up of loose projects around the house lately. I'm trying to do better at being the house husband for however long I am one. Resumes away, but it's nice to be home sometimes.

Writing has pretty much stopped. I've been too busy to write much of anything beyond a grocery list before grocery shopping. I have an idea or two for book-related writing, and I'm occasionally itching to write a poem, but I haven't bothered in months. Small children, I tell you, saps time more than you can imagine. Not that I'm blaming them for my lack of effort.

Life is really pretty optimistic, despite the occasional bad times. There is so much to do, though.